Toronto Real Estate Sales and Trends by Zan Molko

By: Zan Molko

Toronto Real Estate Sales and Trends by Zan Molko

Tags: GTA for March 2019 - More of the same - Prices up or down?

Toronto 9 April 2019:  At first glance, the 2019 first-quarter sales trends for the Greater Toronto Area appear to be almost the same as the first quarter of 2018. However, on closer examination, there are some indications for potential future change. On closer examination by price, category and area indications are there is still a divide in the marketplace and it may be growing. T...Read More

By: Zan Molko

December 2018 - Year End


Toronto, 8 January 2019. As I welcome the new year, I feel that the winds of change are blowing as many pundits (I admit to being one) are touting the coming of the next industrial revolution or as it may become known as the “dawn of big data and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).” Our industry, like many others, is undergoing fundamental change brought upon by technology and venture...Read More

By: Zan Molko

G T A Real Estate Sales and Inventory - OCTOBER 2018

Tags: Inventory down, prices up... can't say I didn't tell you

Toronto, 6 November 2018. The stats are in for October, and in the slow summer, if you recall I said this fall will be the same as it has been for the past 19 years. Decreased supply, increased demand means higher prices. Of course, without the drama of 2016 and 2017.   Several buyers who I had encouraged to buy in the late summer held off and are now faced with slightly higher interest rates...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales and Inventory - SEPTEMBER 2018

Tags: Going in the same direction...

Toronto, 9 September 2018. The 3rd quarter of 2018 ended much the same as it did in 2017 and in doing so also followed the trends of the previous 20 years.  The first month after the summer always shows a slight spike in prices, or rather a recovery from the slower months of June and July. Inventory was up marginally from 11 weeks to 13 weeks of supply, still a decidedly seller’s mark...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales and Inventory - JULY 2018

Tags: It's Vacation time, prices decline - slightly!

  Toronto 14, August 2018 It pretty well happens every summer! Prices go down a couple of percentage points. That’s because most of us Canadians prefer to take time off when the weather is hot and sunny. We just came off the most holidayed week of the year but by my count it seems that there are still a lot of people away. Evidenced in part by the traffic, while still Toronto bad,...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales and Inventory - JUNE 2018

Tags: 6 months of 2018 and prices are up 9.3% since January

Toronto 10 July 2018. It is hard to believe that the first six months of 2018 have come and gone. Contrary to all the real estate pundit's histrionics of doom and gloom, while the Toronto Real Estate Market is definitely more balanced, the average price is up +9.3% since December 2017.  Be aware that average prices can also be deceiving because just like most of the previous 21 ...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales and Inventory - APRIL 2018

Tags: The tale of different markets

Toronto 8 May 2018. If you have been reading the papers and listening to commentaries you might think the Toronto real estate market has collapsed. Well, it couldn't be further from the truth! Everywhere I read I hear volume is down, prices are down, everything is down. Well if you compare everything to the same time last year there could be a semblance of truth. However, l...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales and Inventory - SEPTEMBER 2017

Tags: The pressure is on affordability and the storm is still to come...

Toronto 17 October 2017. While most commentators, dwelled on the 35% decline in home sales in the Greater Toronto Market since the same month of last year, there is more than meets the eye in all of the numbers. While the average price is up +2.6% from a year ago, it is sitting at almost the same as it was in January of this year.  Affordability, or rather lack thereof has had a signific...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Toronto Real Estate Sales and Inventory - February 2017

Tags: Real Estate For Sale and Solds - February 2017

Toronto 7 March, 2017.  The February Stats are in for the Toronto Real Estate Market. One sixth of the year is gone and Prices are UP and inventory is DOWN.   Even though last February had an extra day, (it was a leap year), there were 8,014 residential sales this February representing a +5.7 per cent increase in the volume of homes sold. The thing is that this year there were 12.5% fewe...Read More

By: Zan Molko

December 2016- Year End

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends December 2016

  Toronto 10 January 2017 2016 ended with more records having been broken in Toronto Real Estate! 113,133 homes sold. Highest ever for a calendar year and a whopping +11.8% compared to 2015. What does 2017 hold for buyers and sellers? If you went shopping for a home or condo in the GTA this past year chances are you were not alone and you had to compete with other buyers. If you were sell...Read More

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